Maximizing Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization, the real juice

If you are just beginning a new blog or website, it’s going to be difficult to rank high in Google SERPs. All Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, such as back links, meta descriptions and keyword research will not yield much in results in most cases. The reason being, Google treats new websites like banks treat new businesses, “No Respect”. To get ranked faster a domain must be indexed by Google for at least  2 years  or more, Please note the key here is  indexing  by Google, so a website that’s 2 years or older but hasn’t been indexed for at least 2 years or more is just like a new website.

The solution for a new endeavor is to buy an aged domain at Make sure the domain name is related to your business. If your site is about weight loss, do not purchase a domain name about motorcycles or it will probably end up in Google’s Sandbox and will take too long to rank in the SERPs. So in the weight loss example, you would want an age domain with a name like or something to that effect.

The Google sandbox is more of a virtual term; it filters search results to decrease the impact of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques, such as link building, keyword stuffing, duplicate content and etc.  You see in the old days savvy internet marketers in the know would rank on the first page of Google by using tricks such as link farms, duplicate content on multiple related sites and linking back to the their main site, keyword stuffing and many other Blackhat tricks that no longer work.

Search Engine Optimization and Aged domains

Prior to purchasing an aged domain, you should conduct key word research to get ideas about potential names for the aged domain. So now that we understand the importance of an age domain, here’s how to go about purchasing one. Simply go to and search using the advanced search filter, select the “contains” parameter and once you have identified a few potential aged domain names, it time to research the age domain names in the way back machine ( to ensure that the names are 2 years or older and have been indexed by Google at least 2 years or older. Be sure to actually look at web pages to ensure it’s not just a site which was listed as “under construction site” but was never developed or indexed.


Once you have bought your aged domain, it’s time to begin planning for your new website or blog. It’s a fact that 96% of clicks occur on the first page of Google’s search Engine Results pages, this is why Search Engine Optimization, is so, so important. When writing articles, make sure you conduct detailed keyword research. Either use a notebook or an excel spreadsheet to write down keyword ideas, review competitors, competing products and etc.

Search Engine Optimization and Key Words

Long tail keywords are your best bet. For an example, in the weight loss category, don’t just search for the “weight loss” keyword, instead use long tail keywords such as “how to lose weight fast” or “how to lose weights in 30 days”. Your key words must match the content of your website. The keyword tool ids Google’s Key Word Planner, it’s free and it’s best to sign up for an account. The best strategy is to search for a High Search Volume Keyword with Low Competition. Also be sure to review other suggested keywords while using the Google Keyword Planner. 

One final point, a keyword that has SERP on page 1 with a monthly page search volume of 800 and low competition is better than a key word with 100,000 monthly searches, but it shows up on page 5 of the SERPs

Acronyms: SERP (Search Engine Results Page), SEO (Search 

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SEO and Aged domain names

An aged domain name is a well kept secret among savvy network marketers. The definition of an aged domain name is one which is 2 years or older old AND indexed by Google at least 2 years ago. Since new website domains are not as relevant as aged website domains, Google’s new algorithms doesn’t rank new sites until they are 2 years or older and have been indexed during that time. Google gives more relevance to aged domains, so you can get aged domains ranked much quicker, just make sure the name is relevant to your product, service and main keywords .

A good analogy to an old domain name versus a new domain name is sort of similar to an older brick and mortar business. An established business is considered more trusted, established and valued than a brand new business. So pay attention, this is a very important point. If you are starting a new online business, you should purchase an aged domain name in order to get a higher page rank quicker. If a domain was purchased is 2008 and wasn’t indexed until 2014, it’s not an aged domain. If it was purchased and indexed in January 2011 then by January 2013 it is considered an aged domain.

To acquire an aged domain you must go to an auction site, such as Go Daddy Auctions; to find others just Google domain auctions. Also last but not least, to determine whether or not a domain name qualifies as an aged domain, got to The Wayback Machine @

All internet marketers realize the important of having their websites rank at the top of  Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  96% of the clicks are made on the 1st page of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEMS work hard to make his/her site relevant, because once your site gets massive organic  traffic, it’s a gold mind. Internet marketers must remain adaptable and vigilant, as the ever changing internet changes at a constant pace. Goolge’s algorithms Penguin and Panda updates have changed the game, so internet marketers have to adjust and adapt in order to maintain relevancy and current. What works today with SEO, may not work next year, so stay abreast of continuous changes and updates.

Seo is an enormous undertaking involving key word relevancy, social media and quality content.

Daily consistentency and action are required, at least 90 days to begin to see good results.

What no longer works:  Link farm scheme, poor browsing experiences, content farms and low quality content will no longer get high ranking. Daily effort and consistency and action are required, at least 90 days in a row  to begin to see good results.

Tools for the SEO Specialist:

Google Keyword Planner tool:  A free tool from Google. Use this to research keywords

SEO Quake Plug-in (free downloadable tool for Firefox and Chrome Browsers only), shows page analytics of various websites. A good way to check out your competitors. , It displays information such as domain age, number of Facebook LIKES, Number of inbound links, number of Twitter Tweets, number  of Google Plus and  Alexa ranking and etc..              

Google Analytics (a free Word press Plug-ins): tracks website traffic, statistics and analytics.    

Piwik is an open & free analytics platform. With Piwik, your data will always be yours.  It allows more details info about your website’s visitors, but more complex and difficult to setup than Google Analytics

ONSITE SEO: For Word Press uses the All in One SEO Pack (A Free plug-in). It ensures that each post or specific page on your site is SEO optimized by its meta description and title tags


SEO Pressor Plug-in(not free, it’s a premium plug-in ) is used by over 130,000 Word press websites. It provides page specific SEO content scorings.

Website Development and blogging platform

Word press is great for all, but especially for newbies; it’s easy to setup, manage and run yourself.

Word press (70 millions installations to date) use as the platform for your site.

Setup Wordpresss along with a hosting company and your own domain. For host companies, use my favorites Bluehost, or Hostgator

A few effective Offsite SEO Tools:

Tribepro instantly drop 100s to 1,000s of high page rank back links thru social media instantly from a one single share.  It syndicates your content to all the people who have decided to syndicate you in your tribe on all the social networks they have activated. It allow you to quickly build up  to 4,000 back links to your URL on 50 plus  social networks, such as Face book, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, My space and etc.. Use Only wire (a content syndication platform) in combination with Tribepro; it syndicates your content to over 45 social networks. You will have to set up each social network to sync with Only wire.   …….oh yeah, it’s free baby!, here you can hire vendors for $5 to assist with your offsite SEO boosting strategies, for instance you can contract with Fiverr vendors to build back links for your website. Link wheels, link pyramid. Oh yeah, it’s just $5 baby!

Pingler pings a specific URL on a periodic basis. It tells Google to revisit a link every 3 days or so. Ping links for free, but you should sign up for a basic account and it will ping sites automatically.  oh yeah, it’s free baby!

Google doesn’t crawl 95% low page rank links, you have to tell it to do so if want them to count in Google’s indexing algorithm. You could waste your time building links which may never get indexed by Google.  Linklicious will ping your links at high volume and consistently drip feed your back links in an organic fashion. A free account will ping 2500 links per day, basic allows up to 10k, Pro 50K per day.

If you mass Ping links in a short time span, you risk Google’s sand box, listing demoted or de-indexed

Social Media Marketing (keep all account professional: post, tweets, post and photos

Empire Avenue brings together all social media platforms into one place. Connect a number of Social Media Accounts. It is an excellent collaborating sight to collaborate with others of liked mind. ( (a free site)

Setup a professional Twitter Account

Setup facebook account and a Fan Page

Setup a YouTube channel and create how to or instructional videos which link back to specific relevant posts (not to your main URL)

Shareaholic Word press plug-in: this allows your content to be shared among dozens of social media networks

SEO topics can be quite extensive, but I don't want to overwhelm on one post, so stay tuned for more on SEO, by visiting my blog often. Do you want to partner with me and learn more about SEO, check out this online homebased business at




How to Make Money online Fast.


How to Make Money online Fast.

One of the simplest ways to make money on line fast is to create a blog. Almost everyone has a topic or something that they are passionate about. Perhaps you have a passion for saving the whales, building water wells in developing countries, rescuing animals, internet marketing, fantasy football, religion or physical fitness…. Well I’m sure you get the picture. So select your topic and use the Google keyword tool to get ideas around your topic and formulate a relevant domain name. The next step is to purchase your domain name from or from whatever domain register company you want.

Now that you have your domain name, it’s time to build a website. I would suggest using a free Wordpress theme or purchase a Custom Wordpress theme. Just Google Wordpress and you’ll find a host of free and for sale Wordpress Themes.  Once you have selected your theme, the next step is to select a hosting account. The hosting account is where your website and all its files (text, videos, and images) will be stored.

Technically you could host your website on your home desktop, but it would be a real hassle and multiple issues such as , technical knowledge, security , file back-ups, requires your computer to be on 24.7, maintenance, software updates, and etc. So as you can see, it just not worth it with you can just pay as little as $4 per month for a hosting account and have peace of mind. I use Host Gator and Bluehost and have found both have very low cost, easy to use and great customer service. To sign-up for an account with HostGator, go to  or to sign-up for an account with Bluehost go to *

So now it times to upload your Wordpress theme , if you don’t know how to do this Bluehost and Hostgator have pushbutton options to make this happen, you also call customer service and have a technical representative walk you through the installation, it’s  really easy and once you do one install, future installs will be a piece of cake.

Once you have your site up, it now time to go to Wordpress dashboard and begin adding content, such as posts, pictures, videos, audios and etc. You can write about related subject matter, show how to videos and images. To find material, watch videos from others leaders in your field and write about it with your own spin and experience and shoot a video explaining the post, be authentic and don’t worry too much about polish, just be you. 

Go to Google Blog Search to get ideas from blogs similar to yours, also post comments on these blogs and add a link back to one of your related blog posts, this is known as backlinks and is very power and critical to driving strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Also to Improve and automate your SEO, add the following plugins to your dashboard: All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemap and Scribe. These plug-ins are free and can be downloaded from Your primary goal for your sight is to become an authority site. To accomplish this, for the next 100 days you will blog every day and build backlinks to each blog post and video back to each blog post. One very important point is you do not want to backlink to your main domain name but backlink other posts and videos back to actual blog post on your website. Another idea is to create additional blogs and link back articles or post back to your main blog.


Building a blog is simple. Please note I didn’t say easy, you will have to put in some elbow grease, but remember that’s why you choose a topic that you have real passion about. As you begin to build content select products that are related and appeal to you and add these as content to your site. This is where the monetization or How to Make Money online Fast begins, you should add affiliate links and banners and Lead capture forms to capture emails on an autoresponder such as Aweber, Getresponse or GVO, to name a few.

The autoresponder allows you to build a list of subscribers and begin adding value to your list by providing them with content and information, such as how to videos, how to join you and your opportunity and so on. The key to How to Make Money online Fast is to build  an ever increasing list of subscribers and then add value so that they will walk with you through the journey of building an online business and at some point join you and/or share your content with others, thereby growing your subscriber list even more.

Now that you have your site completed and you are blogging every day, you have to let the world know that you exist via marketing. There are a number of ways to market, first establish a budget and then use a few of the following techniques., Solo ads, media buys, Google adsense, CPC, banner ads, craigslist ads, leave comments and backlinks on other  relevant blogs with a Page Rank of at least 3 or more (download the SEO Quake tool as a browser extension to Google Chrome Browser or Firefox).

YOu should also market with Facebook ads( I recommend Social lead freak and nothing else). Twitter and free classified ads. I’m not going to elaborate on all the various methods, as it would make this post much too long, just check out these topics on some of my other posts or email blasts,  so be sure to sign-up for my blog by entering your email address in one of my capture pages.

I will add that paid traffic is the fastest way to build momentum, but if you have little to no budget, commenting/backlinking on other blog, massive blogging  and free classifieds will get you there albeit slower, but it will get you there so no excuses. Go the free route until you generate affiliate commissions and then that money to get paid traffic and just keep investing at least 10 percent back into your business. My last word of advice, treat blogging like a serious business, not a pet project and it will reward you/


*Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Bluehost and Hostgator, as I use both for my websites and I only recommend products that I actually use and value.

5 SEO Tips


5 SEO Tips for Wordpress Blogs

First of all, your blog should be created on the Wordpress platform. Why you might ask? Wordpress was built for the Google Search engine. Google loves the Wordpress platform. Wordpress is optimized for Google search, especially when you add ALL SEO Packs and Google Sitemaps. There are also many other widgets one can add, some free and some are premium widgets for a nominal fee.

SEO is important because it drives traffic and every network marketer needs traffic, right? There is a lot of misinformation about SEO, so it can be confusing and Google has been known to change the rules and algorithms, such as the changes encountered with the Penguin and Panda algorithms were implemented. To discover more about these algorithms, just Google Penguin and Panda algorithms. In addition, it’s important to word or write your information in the way in which humans search.

Seo Tip#1: SEO Plugins

All in One SEO pack (plugin)

It is imperative that Word Press blog site owners install the All in One SEO Pack, especially if one isn’t familiar with html code or coding in general. The SEO pack allows the website to control search engine data without having to know how to code, it controls all your Meta data on posts and pages. It’s like SEO in a box. See the example of the All in One SEO Pack; please see an excerpt from the Wordpress Dashboard below: Note that the keywords “dog training” is strategically placed in the domain name

In the example above, the Wordpress website owner of can make the site more SEO friendly by logging into the Wordpress Dashboard and entering the keyword “dogtraining” in the domain name, Title, Description and Keywords fields to improve the site’s SEO rank.

Google XML Sitemap (plugin)

The XML Sitemap is a structured format that a user doesn't need to see, but it tells the search engine about the pages in your site, their relevant importance and quality to each other, and how often they are updated. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site.

The Sitemap is searched by search engines to index all the posts, pages and Meta data on your site. The search engines determine what your site is about by indexing your sitemap. And the Google XML Sitemap is a free plugin that does all this indexing for you, it like a chicken roaster, just set it and forget it.


Scribe SEO (plugin)

Last but not least is the Scribe SEO plugin. It assists in identifying keywords, creates content and has link building tools. Link building helps you get incoming links, as well building internal links.


SEO Tip #2 – SEO Friendly Images

Search engines can’t read images, but they can read the ALT and Title of the image. You should also save images in your media section of the Wordpress Dash board and title the image with relevant key Words. See example below, using “dog training” as a keyword.

SEO Tip #3 Meta Descriptions

A Meta description is important in terms of what appears on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), note that it doesn’t actually affect your ranking or placement in the search engine results. The meta description is what people see in the Search Engine Results Pages, so it’s important because it helps them determine whether or not to click through to your site.


The image above illustrates strategically placed key words in the Meta Description. Please note that the key words “dog training” are in the title, domain name and the description.

Key points for your Meta description:

You are limited to 140 characters. If you don’t enter a Meta description, the search engine will select the first 140 characters, which may or may not provide the most efficient description


SEO Tip # 4: Keyword Placement

Make sure your keywords make sense to a human and appear less robotic. Don’t over use key words in the Meta description, as keyword stuffing actually decreases your page rank. It’s wise to optimize your keywords and publish frequently, as this will push your page or post to the top of search engine results.


The most effective strategy is to sprinkle one primary keyword strategically throughout your page as follows, 1) in your headline 2) In any headings or subheadings 3) in the first and last paragraphs of your content

SEO Tip # 5: BackLinking Strategy

Each time you link to a page, post or other site, you are increasing your SEO score. There are 2 types of links 1) internal links 2) external links

 Internal links are basically cross links within the same site, for an example when you link from one post or page to another post or page within the same website. You shouldn’t just link any page or post to another page or post, the link pages must be relevant and of the same topic. Internal links teach the search engines the relevancy of your site.  If you link unrelated posts or pages, this will kill your SEO rank. If for some reason you must link unrelated links, be sure to use a “no follow” code so that the search engines will know not to follow the link. See an example of the “no follow” code below

<a href= rel=”nofollow”> My Site</a>

There are plugins which automatically build backlinks for you but the best way to increase your SEO rank is to build them manually. There are also link building services that will build links for you, but this is not advised especially for a relatively new site. You can’t create a new website today and a week later add 5,000 backlinks from a paid service, as the Google algorithms will catch this and penalize your site. Purchasing backlinks can be tricky, but useful with the right strategy. Once your site becomes an “Authority Site”, you can add backlinks, just add them gradually and increase nominally over time. To become an “Authority Site”, you would to create 5 back links to each one of your posts on a daily basis for about 90 days. To create authority, I suggest the following example: Create a post about training a dog how to fetch a newspaper and you would create 5 similar posts and link back to your original post. You might create a post about training a dog how to fetch a newspaper on,, a video on youtube, an article on and one of your other blogs and link each post back to the post on your main blog. Again, make sure the post is similar. The first post can be spanned several times to create 5 similar articles or posts. I recommend the best spinner product at To get the bestspinner product at a discount, search for it on Warrior Forum, as well as a search on Google.

External links

External links are when you link from your site to another. Be sure to link posts that are relevant or the same topic to each other. Warning: don’t link from your sidebar, as this will reduce your SEO rank and promotes the other post instead of yours.  Also use your full domain name in the external backlink, this builds your brand, instead of using URL shortners, which does nothing for your brand. A word about linking and social media. Although links back to your site from Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter may not improve your search engine results, they can do a lot for sharing useful information and drive traffic to your site. So, give keep the conversation going and contribute to the social community. Giving back will most certainly help your brand, lend credibility and make you more trusted online.


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Amazon Drones, Hype or reality?


Amazon Drones

Drones delivering packages , hmmm, maybe, but not until well into the future. I can think of several issues right off the bat. The FAA will tie up the fruition of drones with court battles,and slow down any such  product, as it could potentially crowd the air space. Then there's the weather, these drones would have to be weatherrized and probably wouldn't fly to well on windy days.. Theft would create another problem, hey that would create a new slang word, "drone jacked", :)

Potential issues with the Amazon Drones

Neighborhood dogs are notorious for chasing postal service workers, so Amazon drones would just become a new toy to chase. so it's plausible that dogs would pounce on a drone as soon as it hits the ground.  another issue, I've had packages delivered by Fed-ex and even though I live in an affluent neighborhood, the delivery person usually leave my packages near the door or camelflouge packages behing my fromt shrubs. So where would the drone drop the package while I'm away from home, I would think the drone wouldn't be able to get as close as a delivery person.

I suppose Amazon would attach a lojack type device to the Amazon Drone in order to recover stolen or crashed drones. Another problem  would be the loss of delivery jobs, I suppose unions wiill fight this as it would reduce the number of delivery personnell needed.

If there's a delivery error for lets say the wrong product or wrong size, does Amazon send out another drone to pickup the product.?



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